Local kick off for the 2017 ´s event

with Ei kommentteja

September 2016 Nykyaika Galleria was devoted to food. The group exhibition of nine local artists questioned the independence and ability to choose and trace down the origins of our daily food. TV- cooks have become the new celebrities and new wonder diets, nutrition recommendations and food trends are launched constantly.  Still food is not a self-evident choice, not everyone can choose what to eat. For many the question is what and where can you afford to eat. Though food often brings us together, strengthens the traditions and even national identity, it also divides and creates social pressure.

Johanna Havimäki, Räpä I (knife), 2006
Johanna Havimäki, Räpä I, 2006

More about the exhibition curated by Sirpa Joenniemi at: http://valokuvakeskusnykyaika.fi/jokapaivainenruokamme/ (In Finnish only.)