Backlight 2021
Bénédicte Vanderreydt

Bénédicte Vanderreydt

© Bénédicte Vanderreydt


(b. 1980, Belgium)
Currently lives and works between Paris, Brussels and Los Angeles.


I AM 14

I am 14 is a cross section of portraits of three teenage girls aged 14. Valentine lives in Brussels, Belgium. Ru’a lives in the refugee camp of Dheisheh, Palestine. Loraine lives in Lubumbashi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. Nowadays, youngsters take pictures of themselves and look at each other almost compulsively.

Adolescence is a beautiful and somewhat repulsive phase of life. And, what better way to gain access to it than with the help of a camera? Whether Palestinian, Congolese or Belgian, 14-year-old girls today try on and discard a series of identities it is in front of the camera, piling them up in small reject heaps, just as they do with clothes in front of the mirror. They look at and show themselves.