Backlight 2021
Delphine Schacher

Delphine Schacher

© Delphine Schacher


(b. 1981, Switzerland)
Currently based in Begnins, Switzerland.



The story behind Bois des Frères [Brotherswood] begins in the 1960s, in Geneva’s suburbs, at a time when it was necessary to accommodate hundreds of Italian workers who came to build the towers of Lignon. Twelve barracks were then erected, as a temporary solution. Although they should not have lasted, these cabins still exist today and they still host men whose origins are not only in Italy but also across Europe and Africa.

Portraits of men, still lifes and landscapes are a very precise and genuine document of the barracks and the surrounding area. The proximity of the Rhone River gives the place a rural feel, while the privacy of these guest workers is confined to their 10m2 rooms.