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Hanna Lenz

Hanna Lenz

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(b. 1986, Germany)
Currently based in Hamburg, Germany.



Else had been living in her two-room apartment in Aarhus, Denmark, for 61 years. Since her mid-nineties, Else left her flat very rarely. A care and support group visited her daily and made it possible for Else to remain independent and avoid being admitted to a retirement home. As the years went by, Else needed more and more support. Every morning, a nurse helped her out of bed and into a wheelchair facing the window. There she would sit, every day and all day long, watching the light outside and contemplating her life until the evening, when she would be carried back to bed. “I am happy for the life I have led because I have received a lot of love in my life and thus I was able to give a lot of it.”