Backlight 2021
Sami Parkkinen

Sami Parkkinen

© Sami Parkkinen


(b. 1974, Finland)
Currently based in Helsinki, Finland



The Father and Son series focuses on different perceptions of the world; for instance, children see things that are invisible to adults. The photographs thus are a general reflection of the world as it is. They are a peaceful manifesto against greed, cynicism, violence and materialism.

“What kind of world are we building for our children? Why are we irresponsible when it comes to preserving natural balance? The greediness of humans seems to be endless.

The Father and Son series thus showcases different ways of perceiving the world. What is it that the child can see that an adult cannot see? My son draws with colours on top of my photographs. The child draws on top of an adult’s world.” (SP)