Exhibitions are devided in three categories. Firstly Holding Cohesion -exhibitions are juryed from international open call. Exhibitions in Tampere and Valkeakoski are produced by Backlight main organizer.

Secondly Shared Realities -invitation exhibition is curated by Backlight and organized with Art Museum.

Thirdly Backlight offers several exhibition in collaboration with partners.


* Portfolio Review 6th Sept.

* Festival Club and Screenings 6th Sept.

* Artist talks 6-7th Sept.

* Seminar, workshops and discussions 8-10th Sept.

* More openings on 12th Sept.


Backlight ´14 represents 30 artists in main exhibitions: Backlight received 840 applications from 71 countries by international open call: 25 artists were selected all over the world. Additionally five artists were invited to Tampere Art Museum.

Moreover over 30 photographers are exhibited in Co-operation exhibitions.