Alinka Echeverria (UK)

Born in Mexico 1981
Lives and works in United Kingdom

For the highest of human values to persist we need also solidarity beyond a short-term goal. I endeavoured to activate the gaze of the people I encountered, to begin to explore human connections at the individual level. This collaborative challenges the dominant colonial gaze, thus empowering my subjects to assert their identity in the photographs, as they were constructing their identity in the active participation of a newly autonomous nation. In this active gaze I saw strength and resilience of people that were united by something much stronger than any material prospect, a unity derived from people’s common anticipation of finally being able to participate in the formation of their new identity as an independent sovereign state.

  • Alinka Echeverria (UK),
    University studet/Becoming South Sudan
  • Alinka Echeverria (UK),
    University student/Becoming South Sudan

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