Apply now -residence 2013

The call is already open for Backlight 2013 residence!
We are already accepting letters of interest for Backlight residence for photo-artists and professionals in summer 2013. Deadline for preliminary interest is 15th of January 2013.
Find more details on the page ”Festival 2014″ -”Residence” section.

3 thoughts on “Apply now -residence 2013

  1. My passion with photography is with its ability to reveal the human condition as well as providing a visual history of out time, especially for those traditional ancient cultures that are sadly disappearing.
    For me, making a meaningful photograph is an intuitive act requiring sensitivity, concentration and a sense of geometry; a momentary convergence of eye, head and heart.
    Micky Absil

  2. Synchronize time with memory, using the photography for create references of the time we live in, always filtered by a personal vision of wishes and desires of the construction of a better world and seeking the understanding of the beginning of a whole. My work mixes all these desires with reality, assigning different symbols and signs in each of the parts or series that I do; I´m creating pieces that lead to thought and reflection and in an opposite way to challenge and provoke.

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