Would you like to become part of the next Backlight Photo Festival in process?

We are renewing the festivals structure and we would like to know what would you like to experience and gain from a photography festival? To figure out rewarding functions and possibilities and to strengthen up the forthcoming festivals theme we would like to invite four artists/professionals for three weeks stay on the countryside nearby Tampere, Finland in August 2013.

Backlight Photo Festival 2014 wants to strengthen the theme and contents of the next event with the presence of the possible co-operators and artists in an early stage. To do so Backlight is preparing international residence for photo-artists and professionals in Voipaala Art Centre about 40km from the city of Tampere. We are looking for four artists/professionals to work intensively around the festivals theme (widely understood as “trust”) with the festival organizer and each other.

Backlight residence consists of three weeks stay in Voipaala Art Centre and a short period in the city of Tampere. Residence artists are encouraged to participate in public events in the Art Centre i.e.g presenting their own work in process and to produce some material (short texts/ comments /snapshots) for the festivals blog. The residence aims to provide contacts and shared activities also with the local artists/operators in the art scene and to build up an outcome for the forthcoming Backlight Photo Festival 2014.

For further information please contact project manager: tuula.alajoki (at) backlight.fi

For more information about the festival and the theme www.backlight.fi

Voipaala Art Centre:  www.valkeakoski.fi/portal/english/culture_and_education/voipaala_art_centre/