Backlight 2020 open call jury

We are proud to introduce the international jury for the Backlight ´20 open call: Ariane Koek is an internationally active British producer, curator, consultant and writer – and “a recognized world leader in the field of science and art” (Andrea Bandelli Director … Read More

The call is OPEN for Backlight 2020

Backlight 2020 Backlight Photo Festival is one of the oldest and largest international photography festivals in Northern Europe. Organised once every three years by the Photographic Centre Nykyaika in the city of Tampere, Finland, Backlight exhibits contemporary photography of social … Read More

Related Realities – Photography meets science and new technologies

The 16th Backlight Photo Festival triennial stays true to its pioneering spirit in announcing the theme for the upcoming 2020 festival: Related Realities – Photography meets science and new technologies. The festival creators have as their ambition for Related Realities … Read More

Listening to the Sound of the Shell
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  Hampus Andersson (SE), Frederik Danielsen (DK), Hrafnhildur Hannesdóttir (IS), Nayab Noor Ikram (FI), Hertta Kiiski (FI), Sonja Margrét Ólafsdóttir (IS), Inanna Riccardi (DK), Haakon Sand (NO), Inga Skålnes (NO), Peter Stridsberg (SE) Curator: Minttu Ypyä (FI) 31.8.-24.9.2018 at Nykyaika, … Read More

Backlight Master Class II -Master Class with Elina Brotherus in Nida, Lithuania
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  Backlight organizes its first international Master Class in collaboration with Lithuanian Photographers Association during NIDA International Photography Symposium in Lithuania. This Master Class provides three days workshop lead by Elina Brotherus. The participants are encouraged to extend their stay in … Read More

Siauliai Museum of Photography – Independence Through the Lenses
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The last exhibition of the Independence Through the Lenses opened just after our 100th birthday. Warm welcome to the exhibition at Siauliai Photography Museum in Siauliai, Lithuania. This entity will show series of Juha Arvid Helminen, Sara Hornig, Riitta Päiväläinen, … Read More

Juha Suonpää and Juuso Westerlund at Photoport, Bratislava
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Tonight at Photoport, Bratislava Juuso Westerlund, Jackpot and Juha Suonpää, Holy Melancholy (video installation). Photoport is already the sixth stop of the tour Independence Through the Lenses. Juha Suonpää will be present at the opening tonight from 7pm.

Boundaries of Independence at Tampere Art Museum
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-Last weekend!     No matter whether individual, common or national–independence is a value. It is a desirable recognition, a sign of capability, coping, survival and strength–a matter of honour. It is an achievement whose sovereignty is admired and whose … Read More

Latvian Museum of Photography hosting the next Independence Through the Lenses -exhibition
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Our tour is slowly heading back towards the home region… Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga will be hosting Independence Through the Lenses until December with works from Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Riitta Päiväläinen, Harri Pälviranta and Juha Suonpää. Artists Pälviranta and … Read More

2nd volume of Independence Through the Lenses -Opening tonight in Kaunas
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The fifth exhibition of Independence Through the Lenses -tour opens toning at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania. We are happy to present completely new works from three of the artist on the tour Sara Hornigs Half of Us, is her … Read More

Zuzana Halánová, Childless at Koppelo
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Zuzana Halánová, Childless Every year, I see more and more of my friends marrying and starting families. I myself remain childless and as the years go by, I find myself thinking more and more about what that means. This led … Read More

Riina Rinne and Delphine Schacher at Nykyaika until October 2.
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Riina Rinne, Alone Together (video) “When you’re an alcoholic you don’t think about anything else than alcohol: where to get it from, how much you can get it, how long it will last. Everything in life is measured in alcohol.” This is … Read More

Home and Country by C.S. Lindberg at Museum Centre Vapriikki
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Carl Sebastian Lindberg, Home and Country (Video) at Museum Centre Vapriikki until October 29. Carl Sebastian Lindberg writes about his work: “Home and Country relates the experiences of the artist’s aunt, author Ann-Mari Lindberg who lived in Finland as a … Read More

Corinna Kern, Backlight ´14 portfolio winner -award exhibition at Backlight ´17
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In 2014 Backlight Corinna Kern (DE) won the portfolio reviews award exhibition for Backlight ´17. Kerns series Female Maskers is now exhibited at Galleria Ronga until September 29. The Female Maskers project gives an insight into the hidden, yet growing … Read More

Backlight ´17 Portfolio review and awards
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We were most glad to receive applications from 15 countries for our portfolio reviews held in Tampere during Backlight´s opening weekend. 30 artists were showing their works to 12 international experts working on the field of photography. Thanks to the … Read More

Backlight ´17 -Openings on September 8. 2017
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Thank you for joining us at the opening at Galleria Ronga, Nykyaika, Koppelo and Tampere Art Museum. We could have squeezed in just few more people to the last opening at the museum! Sincere thanks to all our artists -you … Read More

Jaakko Kahilaniemi has won the Majaoja Prize 10.000€ at Backlight ´17
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Photographer and visual artist Jaakko Kahilaniemi has won the main prize 10.000 euros awarded by Majaoja Foundation. Kahilaniemis series 100 Hectares of Understanding convinced the jury with its square uniqueness. The topic is familiar – its even said to be … Read More

Majaoja Awards at Backlight ´17
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The open call jury, Tuula Alajoki (Backlight Photo Festival, FI), Miha Colner (International Centre of Graphic Arts, SI), Ângela Ferreira (Photographic Museum of Fortaleza, BR / PT) and Tina Schelhorn (Galerie Lichtblick, DE),  had the honor to nominate three Finnish artists … Read More