Backlight 2023

Backlight 2023

Backlight’23 Cruel Radiance


What kind of evidentiary power can we associate with images in a world where man-made crises and conflicts have long since exceeded human proportions? How does matter, our material and elementary surroundings, record evidence of violence? What kind of roles do such non-human visual actors have in bearing witness to our pernicious actions?

Cruel Radiance, the 2023 edition of the Backlight festival, examines the evidential aspects of matter through photography and the moving image. From the omnipresence of particle pollution to the lasting legacies of nuclear weapons, from sub-zero temperatures to the residues of the mining industry, the exhibition sheds light on a whole variety of material elements as visual actors with singular testimonial capacities. In so doing, the stage is set for diverse visual dimensions and temporalities of violence ranging from slow cumulative processes to more abrupt conflicts. True to its title, Cruel Radiance invites the viewer to engage with a material repository of our ways of being together.    



Cruel Radiance

3.6.–31.7. Photographic Centre Nykyaika: Susanne Kriemann
3.6.–2.7. Gallery Koppelo: Veli Granö
3.6.–2.7. Gallery Saskia: HNV Collective, Ali Akbar Mehta, Anais Tondeur

Tampere Art Museum 
17.6.–15.10. Fiona Amundsen and Kanariya Eishi, Solmaz Daryani, Noelle Mason, Anastasia Mityukova, Susan Schuppli, Toshio Fukada, Eiichi Matsumoto

Pinni 47
7.6.–30.7. New Rays -student exhibition



3.6.–31.7. Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Kauppakatu 14, Tampere
3.6.–2.7. Gallery Koppelo, Kauppakatu 14, Tampere
3.6.–2.7. Gallery Saskia, Pirkankatu 6, Tampere
17.6.–15.10. Tampere Art Museum, Puutarhakatu 34, Tampere
7.6.–31.7. Pinni47, Pinninkatu 47, Tampere

Backlight’23 artists

Fiona Amundsen and Kanariya Eishi (New Zealand and Japan)
Solmaz Daryani (Iran/UK)
Veli Granö (Finland)
HNV Collective: Felicia Honkasalo, Akuliina Niemi, Sinna Virtanen (Finland)
Susanne Kriemann (Germany)
Noelle Mason (USA) 
Ali Akbar Mehta (India / Finland)
Anastasia Mityukova (Switzerland)
Susan Schuppli (UK)
Anais Tondeur (France)
Toshio Fukada  (Japan)
Eiichi Matsumoto (Japan)


Photographic Centre Nykyaika
Majaoja foundation
Tampere Art Museum