Satu Haavisto and Aino Kannisto at The Belfast Photo Festival

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Backlight´14 Portfolio winners Satu Haavisto and Aino Kannisto´s exhibition “Delicate Demons” will be seen at The Belfast Photo Festival during June 2015.


Delicate Demons” is a collaborative effort by Finnish photographers Satu Haavisto and Aino Kannisto. They are making constructed photographs by creating staged scenes where a woman plays a fictional role specifically designed for her. The models are ordinary women of different ages.

At the heart of the series are the countless different experiences of womanhood with their often contradictory dimensions. The artists are particularly interested in emotions and embodiment, and the photograph as a tool to portray the connections between the two.

The aim for the artist has been to create the kind of public imagery of womanhood that media and entertainment industry does not represent actively, often perceived as too private in an embarrassing or banal way.
The photographic artist Satu Haavisto (born 1975) received her MA in photography from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2011. She is also finalizing her BSc in social and cultural anthropology and gender studies from the University of Helsinki. She has had solo exhibitions in Finland since 2010, and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2003.

The photographic artist Aino Kannisto (born 1973) received her MA in photography from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002. She has had a number of solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2000, and has participated in group exhibitions since 1998. Kannisto’s works have been acquired for collections in Finland and abroad. In 2006, she was awarded a five-year artist grant and in 2013 Finnish Art Society’s William Thuring-award.

The artists were awarded with exhibition in Belfast due to the nomination of the the best Finnish portfolio in Backlight Photo Festival on September 2014 in Tampere, Finland. Exhibition at Belfast Photo Festival is supported by: Backlight Photo Festival / Photography Centre Nykyaika and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


© Satu Haavisto & Aino Kannisto: Woman Washing Dishes, 2013
© Satu Haavisto & Aino Kannisto: Woman Washing Dishes, 2013



Venue: Red Barn Gallery, 43b Rosemary Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Opening ceremony: Thursday 4 June, 6pm

Exhibition times: 4 – 28 June 2015. Mon – Sat, 1.30am – 5pm (Free entry)