Majaoja prizes of the Backlight2020 will be nominated in the festival opening

with Ei kommentteja

The Majaoja Prize is awarded by the Majaoja Foundation , who invited the open call jury of Backlight2020 to nominate the three winners. The jury, Ariane Koek (UK), Maija Tammi (Finland) Hannu Vanhanen (Finland) and Lars Willumeit (Switzerland), have nominated the artists for the Majaoja Prize at Backlight2020. 

Mrs. Maija Ikonen the president of board of the Majaoja-säätiö will announce the winners in the opening ceremony of the Related Realities on September 4, 2020 at the gallery Himmelblau in Tampere, Finland. The first prize is 5000 euros, the second 3000 euros and the third 2000 euros. The generous award of 15.000 euros in total was given by the Majaoja Foundation to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks.